Pioneering and Gadgets competition

On 16th December 2022 Friday, Pioneering and Gadgets competition was organized by the YESS Alumnae Miss Rosy Tamang, Miss Subista Dhwoju and Miss Puranjani Duwal under “Back to my Root Campaign” in Nepal Scouts National Headquarter, Lainchaur. The competition feature 11 groups with 5 members in each group from various crews from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district. This program was successfully conducted with the propose of setting up library in national headquarter of Nepal Scout under the project of “Sustainable Public Library”.

Back to my Root Campaign is run by YESS Alumnae after they returned back from host country. The program is a part of the YESS Girls Movement Programme of WAGGGS as a contribution for their home country and member organization.

In the competition, 1st place was secured by National Open Scouts Crew followed by Pratibimba Open Scout Crew and Kageshwori Open Scouts Crew on 2nd and 3rd place respectively. We would like to congratulate all the other crews and their members for their active participation and valuable contribution.