Youth Program

This priority focuses on attracting more and more young people from all parts of Nepal, by providing need based, interesting, challenging program and involving them in decision making bodies at all levels.

Volunteers (Adults) in Scouting

To recognize the importance of the adults volunteers in scouting according to the World Adult Resources Policy focusing on reaching out and recruiting, developing and retaining competent adult volunteers.

Finance Sustainability/Business Plan

This priority focuses on developing financial capabilities at unit, local council, district, regional and national levels moving towards self-reliance.

Scouting Profile

Enhancing image of Nepal Scouts nationally and internationally through improved communication, partnerships with other organizations, and coordination with media.


This priority directs to develop efficient and effective structure and management of the organization to meet the changing needs.

Membership Growth

The priority area focuses on increasing membership by recruiting, reaching out and retaining members towards achieving the vision 2020 by developing effective and efficient growth plan, strengthening membership registration system and establishing the database.